Cultural Awareness and Safety Program

Australia is richer for the unique culture of the traditional owners of this land, the First Nations Peoples, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Understanding the diversity of this ancient culture is challenging but essential to ensure that services provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are delivered with sensitivity and in accordance with cultural expectations.

ACSA is supporting CHSP services and the broader aged care sector, to better respond appropriately by a comprehensive training program on Cultural Awareness and Safety.

Equipping your workforce with knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture will assist your employees to understand the barriers that care recipients can face, and through greater awareness and cultural sensitivity, improve communication and cooperation in the delivery of aged care services.

The Cultural Awareness and Safety program is an interactive and informative online workshop exploring strategies for communication and examines Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, white contact history, and the White Australia policies. Participants identify events and policies that have impacted the lives of First Nations Peoples.

The next available training session is here.